Pooya Aryanpour: Under the Shell

10 June - 21 July 2016 Exhibitions

Sophia Contemporary is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in the UK by renowned Iranian sculptor and painter Pooya Aryanpour. The artist will exhibit a range of his celebrated mirror sculptures alongside new paintings from his Under the Shell series (2016). Rooted in his personal heritage, Aryanpour’s works bring a thoroughly contemporary expression to the Iranian visual tradition – from its artistic techniques to cultural symbolisms - while referencing and exploring the Western tradition of abstract art.


Born in Tehran, Iran in 1971, Pooya Aryanpour obtained a BA and MA in Painting at the School of Plastic Arts and at the Azad University, Tehran, Iran. He currently lives and works in Tehran and teaches Painting, Drawing and Art History at Azad University, Tehran.  His work has been widely exhibited in Iran and internationally.